March 2018: Revisiting Vitality

Charles Heppner: Sacred Fabric: Loving Bodies

Are you surviving, slogging, existing… or are you thriving, bursting, vital?

This month, we explore how we capture and keep our Vitality: one inclusive word that encompasses our physical, mental, and emotional wellness. In our zone, in our flow, at our best.

I am known where I am known as a getter of goals. Well, at least, as a setter of goals.

Every day at work, I lead entrepreneurs and creators through identifying goals for their year, quarter, month, and week. So of course, I have to practice what I preach, honing in on what I want to create and exactly how I’ll move forward.

So what’s the one goal I haven’t been able to accomplish yet?

Take a vacation.

I have fantastic excuses: It seems too frivolous. I can’t be away from Pregame. I can’t find a pet sitter. I’d rather pay off my credit cards.

So I wait until I hit emergency mode, then frantically look for a last-minute getaway where I can get enough of a hit of relaxation to inch out of the red zone and into yellow, perpetuating the cycle.

Until the most recent emergency, when I finally got it. I was being short with a friend who was being nothing but nice to me. Well, short is putting it mildly. I was cynical, pessimistic, and the thing I hate most: a hater. The pushback I got finally woke me up: being drained was draining my relationships.

It was one thing to be in a midwinter slump on my own, but when I saw that it affected others, I got the ass-kick I needed to makeover my mindset around the vital-ness of maintaining my vitality.

There’s a difference between self-care and selfishness. The latter is neglecting responsibilities and relationships by putting oneself first; it’s a form of greed.

Self-care, however, is a form of generosity. It says: I take care of me so that I can be my best when I am with you. Or, as my friend put it – instead of emptying myself for you, it’s overflowing so we’re both full.

How do you define Vitality? When are you at your best, and what factors contribute to getting and keeping you there?

This month, we invite you to spring-clean your to-do list. Remove the meaningless things that drain you and add activities that add to your sense of well-being.


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