March 2019: Evaluating Wellness

Fiona Aboud

Are you running on empty?

If you’re constantly in growth mode, as goal-oriented people are prone to be, you may find your tank is constantly flirting with depletion.

Overdoing it can lead to fatigue or even burnout before your goal has the chance to be realized.

The metaphor of “putting your oxygen mask on first” before helping others is always useful, but difficult to practice if your M.O. is stretching yourself thin to support others.

What happens if you expend more energy than you have to spare? Your “help” can actually become a burden on others or you resent the people you’re supposed to be helping.

This March, we challenge you to fill your energy tank. What restores you and refreshes your energy?

If you’re in Portland, join us for a Saturday mini-retreat, From Burned Out to Lit Up with wellness expert Sophia Asghar at Pregame HQ.

You – and those around you – deserve it.

Strategy & Style,

Artwork by Fiona Aboud 

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