May 2017: Advice to My Younger Self

Ciara Pressler with Ben Pressler

It’s college decision day for high school seniors, and graduation month for both high school and college students. Early milestones that seem like a really big deal… because they are. Decisions made now about the next step in life will shape everything else to come.

Being ten years older than my youngest brother, at his graduation milestones, I took the opportunity to share my best advice with a decade of hindsight. I like to think he saved these cards and that maybe there was some sentiment that saved him a hard lesson. I can’t go back in time and tell myself what I’ve learned, but maybe I can¬†share a thing or two with those I love.

The foundation of Pregame is to share our best advice from our real-world experience. We embrace nuance and find value in the things we’ve learned from our most difficult decisions. We press forward, even when the next step takes everything we’ve got.

At different points in life, we get opportunities to decide again; to use the things we’ve learned and to take the advice we’ve been given. I believe we always do the best we can with the information we have at the time. With effort, insight, and luck, we bring a richer set of experiences to our decisions each time we come to a fork in the road.

This month’s issue is dedicated to Morgan Mann, Pregame’s content coordinator, who graduates from her undergrad program this month. She has all the tools, intelligence, and spirit to achieve great things in her career, and we hope to contribute to her path with our collected insights.

This summer, when my little brother gets married, I’ll write him another card. It won’t be advice; we’re old enough now to be on equal footing. Instead, it will be admiration for the choices he’s made and the risks he’s taken, and my deepest gratitude for being part of his journey since day one.

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