May 2019: Arts & Culture

Perfect Baby Showroom, 2014
Mixed media installation of baby dolls, acrylic, wallpaper, electrical, metal, LED lights, neon,
foam, cotton, cereal
Dimensions variable

I have a confession to make.

I only read nonfiction.

Seriously. Over the past five years, I can only recall one fiction book I’ve read, and that was on vacation. Even biographies seem laborious. I am so hungry to learn, so dedicated to continuous evolution, that time spent in a printed story seems wasted. (Somehow I forget to apply this logic to my Netflix queue.)

Of course, I’m completely wrong.

Stories are the language of our humanity. They communicate deeper meaning more effectively than any literal description ever could. Stories are how we persuade, how we remember valuable lessons, how we understand truth.

Years ago, a theater piece helped me realize I wanted to change careers. Nothing compares to narrative film when it comes to identifying with people who have experienced a tragedy or triumph half a world away. Just last weekend, a dance performance drove home the urgency of climate change unlike any news article.

What if the arts will solve our world’s problems?

What if the arts could solve your latest problem?

Rather than tackling a challenge head-on, consider playing with it and exploring it through the creative approach inherent to visual art… dance… theater… film… craft… writing.

You needn’t be a capital-A Artist to be an artist, nor a Creator to create.

The curiosity is in all of us, and it just might lead to the truest solution.

Strategy & Style,

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