Michael Anthony on Overcoming Trauma, Vulnerability, and Ownership

Michael Anthony

In The Interview: Episode #17, Ciara Pressler interviews Michael Anthony, International Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, and Author of Think Unbroken.

Michael and Ciara talk about…

  • Creating a career and life free of cultural expectations
  • How your past can be indicative of present circumstances and how to begin consciously identifying these factors
  • Creating a personal development path that fits your values, goals, and freedom
  • Living with intention and holding yourself accountable
  • Giving yourself permission to start a healing journey and the importance of building a community of healing around you

Michael Anthony is a trauma survivor, trauma warrior, and trauma mentor. Growing up as a son of drug addicts and abusers, he was molested by a family friend, homeless, became a drug addict by 12, an alcoholic by 19, and morbidly obese twice. Yet despite all of the odds being stacked against him, Michael used self-actualization and mindset training to trade in his trauma for happiness, health, and love for himself and others. Now a founder, author, and mentor, he inspires and educates people around the world on the effects of trauma and how to take their lives back and become the person that they know they are.

Where to find Michael:
Instagram: @michaelunbroken
Twitter: @michaelunbroken

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