[MVP] Jen Price: Attracting Your Ideal Customer

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Jen Price is a Pregame MVP trainer, teaching her weekly Storyselling class at Pregame HQ and introducing her new Write Your Site! intensive workshop this fall. Through her business You So Much, she creates compelling sales copy that helps businesses and solopreneurs connect with their ideal customers.

Her magic? Reading your customer. She can hear the hidden conversation going on in their head, and sees their inner desires and secret aspirations. So when Jen writes for you, she shows your customer how your magic helps them achieve their biggest dreams.

It all starts with helping you embrace your own fantasies, including the customers and projects you’d love to work with most. Jen dances every chance she get and eats #ChocolateForBreakfast… and is on a mission to encourage you do the same.

How does writing help businesses become more successful?

Writing helps us talk to our customers about our brand, describe our products and services, and tell them how we can solve their problems and improve their life. Ultimately, we can’t sell to our customers without communicating to them! Writing is an amazing way to communicate with our customers, colleagues, and partners.

On a deeper level though, writing down our business goals – even dreams and fantasies – helps to make them come true. That’s largely because we get further clarity on our vision for our business. Once we put our goals and dreams down onto paper, they’re technically now real because they’ve moved from our imagination into the physical world. We can come back to it and read it again and again, to keep us on track and remind us of where we’re going. And when we read something, similar to a story, we can see and feel it, as if it were real already.

Why is storytelling an important part of business?

We all know and love stories. We’ve been hearing stories since before we could walk and talk. It started with lullabies and rhymes, then expanded into books, movies and TV shows… and it doesn’t stop there. From classrooms to board meetings and dinner parties, stories and gossip make up 65% of our conversations. Business doesn’t happen without conversations, whether that communication is happening in an email, on a website, or in person. And stories are the most effective, and most persuasive way that we can communicate. We live, breathe, and ARE stories!

How did you discover your love for writing?

I have always loved to write! In fact, my mom still has a poem I wrote in the 3rd grade hanging on her bedroom wall. But I never really considered it as a career, because I thought the only way to make a living with writing was to be a journalist – which sounded so boring to me! It wasn’t until I worked in advertising sales that I discovered the art of copywriting. My advertising clients that had the best ads, were the ones that got the best results, and thus would spend more of their marketing budget with me. So I started taking copywriting classes to get better, and I found my love of persuasive writing. Now I’m writing poetry again, and have aspirations of writing a fictional fantasy novel too!

Why do you call yourself a “fantasy” copywriter?

Ultimately you’re going to sell more if you can understand how you fit into your customer’s story. They are on a journey to improve their life, to pursue their dreams, to become the person that they want to be. Once you communicate how your product or service helps your ideal customer overcome obstacles to live that life, you’ll attract them and sell more. So I write persuasive content that uses those story elements, and compels them with what they really want – that fantasy life.

How has your story shaped your business?

Story has shaped every business! Anything we’ve accomplished in this world is something that we imagined first. Human beings have been able to cooperate and evolve because of the stories we tell ourselves and each other. Our imagination is powerful, and in my business I get to use it on a daily basis to help my customers grow theirs! I feel blessed because I know that story is both the most fun and most valuable thing I bring.

When you encounter a challenge or creative block, how do you move forward?

I move forward by literally moving. I usually dance! I love to dance so much, and I’ll do it pretty much anytime, anywhere. Or sometimes I’ll play or run or do a quick 50 squats. When the blood is flowing, pleasure flows, wisdom flows, ideas, words and money flows! Drinking water helps too. Same reason. Let it flow!

How do you define success?

Success, to me, is freedom. Yes, that means the ability to do what you want, whenever you want. But, for me, it also means feeling free to be yourself, free to express your biggest fantasies, and free to pursue them. To be you so much.

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  1. Really cool interview, our world could definitely use a little more fantasy & story telling, especially in business.

    i’d have liked to hear more about her ‘magic ability to read people’ 🙂

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