My Career Story: Heidi Busche, Relationship Coach

heidi busche

Name: Heidi Busche

Current Job: Speaker, Author, Relationship Expert.  Founder of Heidi B Coaching.

Current Place: Portland, OR by way of Iowa, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Ireland.

Hometown: Bettendorf, IA

Age: 40

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Madonna – I can remember being like, I want to major in music with a minor in Madonna.

College degree: Bachelor of Science (BS); Political Science, University of Pittsburgh.  Masters of Science (MS); Political Science, Portland State University

What do you love about what you do?
I love all of the PR that comes with owning a business and marketing my book.  I set a PR goal for 2020 to book 50 guest spots on podcasts (in order to promote my business and my book). It’s the end of May and I’ve booked 33 spots – so it’s looking good that I’ll hit my goal. I’ve sold countless books from doing podcast interviews and I’ve booked at least 3, 1:1 coaching clients (strangers who reached out to me after hearing me on a podcast that they love). 

What is the biggest challenge?
Sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated.  I’m a one-person shop, so at the end of the day or month, the revenue I’ve generated is a direct reflection of how committed I’ve been to making sales calls, creating content, posting to social media, and pitching various PR outlets.  

What has made your career journey unique?
Before I started working for myself, I had a wild job in Asset Recovery.  We would audit municipal accounting records, to discover funds that were outstanding (owed) to individuals.  Then we would use our best detective skills to find those people and alert them to their outstanding funds.  We’d walk them through the paperwork to receive their payments and then we’d get paid a percentage of what they’d recovered.  It was such a strange gig.  But it really taught me a couple of things (1) sales is a numbers game, the more people you pitch, the more likely you are to get a bite, and (2) when you’re in sales, you’re best served by putting in the action (making the calls/pitches) and letting go of the outcome (trying to control who you close).

What motivates you?
I’m motivated by the fact that my experience makes me uniquely qualified to help other people.  I have a deep understanding, awareness, and acceptance that I’m not for everyone.  But, there is a certain subset of people out there who need to hear the message that I’m sharing and around which I’ve built my business!

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Done is better than perfect, and that fear kills more dreams than failure ever could. 

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