My Career Story: Lori Eberly, That F*ckery Lady

Lori Eberly (Photo by Lava Alapai) (8)

Name: Lori Eberly, LCSW

Current Job: Founder of Radius, providing executive coaching & development

Current Place: Portland, OR 

Hometown: Born in NYC, raised in Chester, VA

Age: 46 

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Hospice social worker

College degree: MSW from Portland State University

What do you love about what you do?
Collaborating with really smart people.

What is the biggest challenge?
Leaders who aren’t willing to address their own f*ckery.

What has made your career journey unique?
I knew I wanted to be a social worker since I was 16 years old. At the end of undergrad, I learned that medical social work was totally my thing, and was introduced to the idea of working in hospice. That meant a return to school for a masters degree and three years of trying to nail down a hospice job. I never gave up on that goal, and landed my “dream job” finally in 2003. 

Turns out dream jobs are sabotaged by bad bosses, no matter how wonderful the team is or how much you love your work. In a turn of karmic triumph, I was invited to freelance with an established coaching practice. (The owner said I had good people skills, which he witnessed through my leadership on a non-profit board – consider volunteering!)

I left a job I loved because of a terrible boss and now I get to help good leaders be great ones. I could have never predicted my career trajectory.

What motivates you?
A really clear purpose to do work that I love that optimizes my greatest strengths: empathy, listening, and intuition

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Trust your instincts – and don’t let anyone gaslight you.
Start your anti-racist work earlier.
Find your people & ask for help.

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