November 2016: Giving Back

Michelle Hartney, Kathleen

We reach a certain point in life where it’s required to give back.

Not out of obligation, but because we are overflowing: with knowledge, experience, passion. With the understanding that generosity breeds exponential results.

A few years ago I decided to test [The Universe]* on this whole generosity thing. I spent a week giving as much as possible with no expectation of return, from business advice to a dollar on the street. It worked; there was a return immediately, both spiritually and physically.

And then I never repeated it again.

It’s easy to lose sight of the value of giving back; of focusing on others before ourselves. We get caught up in shortage mentality, of a thousand thoughts that all boil down to: “What if there’s not enough for me?”

There is enough. You have¬†enough to start giving right now. You can give a dollar to someone who needs it even if you haven’t hit your money goal. You can listen to a friend going through a rough time even if you haven’t yet figured out the meaning of life. You can contribute your knowledge even if someone hasn’t handed you a business award.

Giving is how become full within ourselves. It is magic.

A mental paradigm shift is required. The giving comes before the getting. It is completely counterintuitive. This is why we have to remind ourselves over and over, not by logic, but by testing it in the real world.


This month, I invite you to join me in a daily realignment to practice giving before getting. Instead of asking, “How can I get?” let’s ask, “How can I support?” and “What can I contribute?”

This is not the same as overextending yourself, which leads to a martyr mentality and resentment, usually because there is an underlying expectation of return or outcome. Boundaries are important, as is realizing that small kindnesses are sometimes more appreciated than grand gestures. The best giving happens when you decide to give without strings attached.

You have an extraordinary amount to give, not when you get xyz first, but right now.

Strategy and Style,

*Or whatever you call the greater/higher force(s) out there – pick your power.

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