November 2017: Deepening Communication

Graines de Rêves

At the Pregame Clubhouse, a recurring topic of discussion in our huddles is how we balance our communication and interaction with the world. Since most of us are self-employed or business owners, we have the “freedom” to be alone and shut out the world whenever we wish.

Of course, it’s a mixed blessing. Thanks to our phones and computers, even if we’re huddled up at home working or writing, we’re always connected… but are we really?

And is working from home or working by yourself leave something missing from your sense of being “in it” with a team?

Usually, people become part of our community not just because they want the wealth of information, wisdom, and connections that we create, but also because they crave a place to go to balance out home and office, and a deeper connection with their professional peers. Quality over quantity. Connecting is the new networking.

This month, we take a conscious look at communication, both the way we interact with others and the way we regard ourselves.

I encourage you to take a look at your communications intake:

Is it time for a digital detox?

Can you put your phone in airplane mode during that meeting?

Maybe go a week without TV?

Can you try deleting that app from your phone?

And your output:

Are the words you say true to what you really think and feel?

Do you show up at 100%?

Does the energy you put out supporting the wellbeing of others?

Taking a moment to reassess your need for connection – or disconnection – is a fruitful practice that can yield balance, focus, and deeper communication with yourself and with others.

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