November 2018: Changing the Game

Ciara and James 2

Yeah, we know. We’re working that sports metaphor to death here at Pregame.

But it’s warranted. Whether we admit it or not, we’re playing to win.

So why do we compartmentalize the lessons learned in and from sports?

Especially in creativity and art, we act as if sports don’t exist. Blame it on a vague feeling of competition (and perhaps, in the professional realm,¬†resource envy), but those of us who create and innovate often overlook the value of principles like repetition, discipline, and form on the path to success.

The approach to being successful in physical endeavors has much to teach us about success in the practical, spiritual, and professional.

This month, we explore sports, and more broadly, the game: both literal and as our favorite, ever-present metaphor.

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