November 2019: Spiritual Journeys

It’s Already Yours | Beads on Canvas | 48x40

Have you heard of the “Nones?”

A None is a clever homynym for the religion-free American.

In a country where most previously felt compelled to identify with a religion, even if not actively participating, it’s now acceptable in most circles to declare “none of the above.”

Still, the desire for spiritual actualization remains. We’re just finding it in less traditional spaces.

When I was dreaming up Pregame, one of the questions I asked was “What would it look like to create ‘church’ for entrepreneurs?” Entrepreneurs being a catch-all for the creative, ambitious, collaborative people I saw all around me, craving community and connection, but who resisted convening in any way connected with religion. The perception was that religion did not have space for or keep pace with equality, creativity, and social progress.

So we create new spaces; new communities. Yoga studios, social clubs, political parties, Meetups, bands, fan clubs, coworking spaces, business groups. They fulfill needs that we have as humans for connection, community, and purpose.

What is a religion? What spaces could be considered a church? What falls into the category of spirituality?

This month, we invite you to explore how you define spiritual and where you are on your own personal journey.

Strategy & Style,

Artwork © Stephanie Hirsch, detail from It’s Already Yours.

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