October 2016: Integrity in Business

Tra Bouscaren

Modern business doesn’t have to just be about turning a profit. At Pregame, we see another dimension to entrepreneurship, management, and leadership.

We are fortunate to live in a time and place where our work can involve sharing our stories, living our purpose, making a difference, connecting authentically, supporting our communities, and creating a positive ripple effect far beyond our immediate audience.

In this month’s issue, Kevin Urban shares the magic of tying your personal story into your work, Melissa Anderson gives us concrete guidelines for expanding a business responsibly, and Jonathan Raymond joins us both on and offline to talk about integrity in leadership. And I couldn’t resist reposting (remixing?) my most-shared article ever, identifying business lessons from the Notorious B.I.G.

Featured artist Tra Bouscaren‘s dynamic, multi-layered images are a perfect complement to this month’s content, reminding us to create an expanded, nuanced view of our life’s work.

Special congratulations to our collaborator and columnist Michael Roderick and his wife Norah on the birth of their first child. We wish them all the best as they begin a new kind of creative journey.

Meanwhile, at Pregame HQ, I’m reinventing the launch party and throwing a Startup Shower. It’s an intimate way of thanking the personal friends, family, and mentors who have contributed to my journey, and of course, a tongue-in-cheek conversation starter about Pregame’s mission to encourage you to create your own definition of success.

After all, creating a business that is true to your talents and experience is a rare privilege, and something to celebrate.

Strategy & Style,

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