October 2019: Approaching Politics

Ciara PreGame Portland Oregon

Even though we’re over a year out from the next U.S. presidential election, we’re already inundated with reports of candidates, campaigns, and controversy.

We’ve barely had a breather, and here we are avoiding the 24-hour news cycle again like it’s November 2016.

Even if we can find a way to opt out of the minute-by-minute ticker tape of speculation and developments, to live in a society is to deal with politics. We each decide on a level of participation on the political spectrum, from habits of avoidance to a lifetime of public service.

Eventually, politics demand interaction, if not on voting day, then on tax day. The policies and people we ignore still affect our daily lives in some way.

And then there are the political micro-climates we each encounter: office, family, religion. Opting out altogether is nearly impossible, so how do we approach politics with thoughtfulness and integrity?

This month, we invite you to explore the subtle ways political systems big and small affect your life, and discover new ways to engage with your community that are in alignment with the reality you want to create.

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