One-Minute Marketing: Marketing to Humans

For Freedoms

Don’t forget to add humanity to your marketing plan.

I’ve seen too many marketing strategies which were proudly focused on numbers, trends and financials. They impressively calculated expansion, development, growth trajectories and a whole bunch of other objective and impersonal issues.

But this approach lost sight of a critical perspective:

Marketing at its core is about people – messy, confused, illogical, wonderful people whom we call consumers – and our buyers. It’s these people who make us or break us.

It’s these people who understand or misread our communication efforts. And these people who reward us – hopefully – with their purchases.

I think we should do our analyses – then put them aside and think like a consumer. Walk a mile in their real shoes.

Are they going to WANT to buy my product or service today, and why?

How does this alleviate their fears or help them get through their day?

In short, I wish we could add a dash of humanity back into our marketing.

Artwork: For Freedoms Exhibition, December 1 – 29, Minnesota Street Project

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