Owning a Third Place

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When I was in high school, a large portion of the focus of the funding was on sports.

Our teams always had new uniforms and the best equipment, we had pretty big pep rallies, and there was always money for trips, etc.

The English Department was another story entirely.

We had books that were reused year after year, very few actual trips, and even fewer actual supplies, so as a student I decided to do something about that.

At the time, I had a band that I was singing in and I knew a lot of great musicians and other performers, so I crafted a Battle of the Bands event that would be a fundraiser for our school’s English department.

The event ended up filling up our schools 300+ seat auditorium and raising a lot of money for the English department, but more importantly, it made me aware of something that ended up showing up in numerous iterations throughout my career.

Creating a Third Place.

In the world of community building, there is a concept referred to as The Third Place. 

The way it works is that the first place is our home, and the second place is our work, making the third place an area in which we gather that is neither home nor work.

This third place is where communities are formed and mix and mingle.

Over the years I have found enormous opportunity in creating third places for people. From dinners to clubs, to groups on the Book of Faces, I have met some truly amazing people and developed some really great projects.

And all it took was the courage to start something.

Chances are right now at this very moment you’re in an industry that is missing something that you want.

So rather than waiting for someone to start it, why don’t you start it?

The barrier to entry is so low to start your own thing.

Within minutes you can have an email list, a google group, or a group on the Book of Faces.

With a few emails, you can invite a group of people to meet you and start your own mastermind or club.

There is a ton of opportunity in owning a third place.

Why not create one today?


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