Past Present Podcast: Coconut Oil, Genetic Testing, and Porn


In this week’s episode of Past Present, Natalia, Niki, and Neil debate the American Heart Association’s denunciation of coconut oil, the growing use of genetic testing for genealogy, and whether Pornhub is the new Kinsey Report.

 Coconut Oil

We discussed the American Heart Association’s recent report that called coconut oil as unhealthy as beef fat and butter because of its high levels of saturated fat.

Genetic Testing

A story in the Atlantic reported that African Americans are using genetic testing sites like to trace their roots since the process of enslavement had denied many of them written records of their ancestry. We debated whether interest in genetic testing was an extension of the obsession with family trees and what it means that some white nationalists are looking to genetic testing to “prove” their whiteness.


An article in New York magazine argues that “Pornhub is the Kinsey Report of our time.” In our discussion of pornography, technology, and censorship, Niki recommended Ray Haberski’s It’s Only a Movie! and Natalia added John D’Emilio and Estelle Freedman’s Intimate Matters for useful readings on the topics.

What’s Making History

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