Past Present Podcast: DACA, Louise Hay, and an All-Female Lord of the Flies

DACA Rally

In this episode of Past Present, Natalia, Niki, and Neil debate the White House’s announcement to end DACA, the death of New Age guru and publisher Louise Hay, and the prospect of an all-female Lord of the Flies remake.


We discussed the recent history of DACA and its unique policy history; we all found this Vox article by Dara Lind helpful.

Louise Hay

New Age pioneer Louise Hay died last week, leaving millions of her readers and followers bereft. We discussed how her strain of positive thinking has shaped the self-help genre, as Boris Kachka argues in New York, and that it has early origins in 19th-century New Thought, a movement Harvey Green explores in his book Fit For America. Natalia referred to Barbara Ehrenreich’s searing critique of the world Hay helped create in her book Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America.

All-Female Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is being remade with an all-women’s cast, but with an all-male writing team. We debated the limits of this strategy as a form of feminist liberation, and Niki cited an article in The Lily that made that argument.

What’s Making History

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