Past Present Podcast: Paid Protestors, Secondhand Smoke, and Ivanka Trump


On this week’s Past Present Podcast, Natalia, Niki, and Neil discuss the history of “paid protestors,” the science of secondhand smoke, and the failing fortunes of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

“Paid Protestors”

Donald Trump and his supporters have argued “paid protestors” are rallying against him. Niki recommended a recent Jacobin article that noted the history of paid protestors in authoritarian regimes. Natalia shared an Atlantic article that profiled companies in the US that provided paid crowds to attend rallies or protests.

Secondhand Smoke

We discussed a recent Slate article that argues secondhand smoke isn’t as bad as we’ve been led to believe. Niki discussed the 1976 case Shimp v. New Jersey Bell Telephone that concerned an office worker’s right to a smoke free workplace. Natalia commented on the Baffler article, “Off Our Butts.”

Ivanka Trump

Nordstrom has stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, citing plummeting sales since her father became president. We discussed the history of fashion and politics, and Natalia recommended Sara Georgini’s article, “Crafting Protest, Fashioning Politics.” Natalia also shared Mary Davis’s Public Books essay, “Is There Really No Smart Writing on Women’s Fashion?” Neil commented on Andrew Sullivan’s essay, “The Madness of King Donald,” that argues all aspects of daily life are politicized in a Trump presidency.

What’s Making History

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