Past Present Podcast: Second Redemption, Glass Ceilings, and Global Populism


In this week’s special election episode, Niki, Neil, and Natalia debate the onset of the Second Redemption, the highest and hardest glass ceiling, and the place of Donald Trump in global populism.

Second Redemption

We debated Jamelle Bouie’s argument that the 2016 election should be seen as a Second Redemption. Niki also recommended Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow.

Glass Ceilings

Why did Donald Trump receive support from 53 percent of white women? Natalia pointed to the works of Stephanie Coontz and Rebecca Traister to help explain. Natalia also recently documented 100 years of feminist history through the quotations of thirty women for the website Refinery 29.

Global Populism

Trump’s victory should be seen in the context of a populist movement sweeping across the globe. Niki recommended John Judis’ recent book The Populist Explosion for better understanding this phenomenon.

What’s Making History

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