Past Present Podcast: Sexual Harassment, Scary Clowns, and Pit Bull Bans


In this week’s episode, Niki, Natalia, and Neil debate Donald Trump and sexual harassment and assault, the great clown scare of 2016, and pit bull bans.


Sexual Harassment

A growing list of women have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Natalia commented on the story from the People Magazine reporter who has accused Trump of physically attacking her in 2005. Niki pointed to how Amber Tamblyn’s recent Instagram post about sexual assault showed that women struggle with the shame in coming out about their abuse. Neil noted Eric Trump’s recent comments that his sister, Ivanka, “wouldn’t allow herself” to be sexually harassed in the workplace. Natalia recommended the Susan Faludi classic, Stiffed, for its examination of the backlash to feminism by young men. Natalia also commented on the work of Jennifer Baumgardner, including her book Manifesta and her documentary “It Was Rape.” Niki closed by commenting on Michelle Obama’s speech about the allegations against Trump.

Scary Clowns

There’s a clown panic taking over the nation! But why are we so scared of clowns? Natalia sketched the history of clowning from ancient times, and Niki noted how Charles Dickens’ writings about the clown Grimaldi popularized the idea of the clown as a sad and troubled person.

Pit Bull Bans

Montreal has passed a bylaw that bans pit bulls from the city. Neil discussed the changing reputation of pit bulls in the twentieth century, and Natalia commented on the frequent racist undertones of anti-pit bull sentiment.


What’s Making History

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