Petra Kolber on Detoxing From Perfection, Authenticity, and Confidence

Petra Kolber

In The Interview: Episode #10, Ciara Pressler interviews Petra Kolber, author of The Perfection Detox.

Petra and Ciara talk about…

  • What it means to be of service to others right now
  • How being a fitness professional created unrealistic expectations and goals
  • Shifting the message away from a need to attain perfection
  • Using the metrics of possibility and future building to measure success

Petra Kolber is a speaker, author, mindset coach, podcast host, DJ, and wellness leader who is known throughout the industry as a beacon of authentic happiness. As a keynote speaker, she inspires people around the globe to stand up for their lives and live profoundly from their hearts. Her work is rooted in the science of positive psychology and she coaches individuals and teams on how to get unstuck so that they can become unstoppable.
As a two-time cancer survivor, she is passionate about waking people up to the precious gift of time. Her mission is to inspire people to move more and fear-less, so that they can stretch their dreams, strengthen their courage muscle and build an inspired life, full of joy and gratitude.

Where to find Petra:

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