Pitch, Please.

Fiona Aboud

A question I get a lot is:

“How do I pitch myself to ___________ podcast, article, investor, etc.?”

And this for many people is the holy grail of attention. If you can get someone to share your ideas with their audience or invest in you it certainly does help.

But I see many people going about this process all wrong.

So here is my most important rule about pitching anything:

Create curiosity first. 

Most pitches fall flat because the person doing the pitching spends all of their time telling us everything we need to know about them, the product or the service they have because they think that proving the value of what they have to offer is the best way to get a response.

That’s not how things work.

If I know everything about you from one email or one correspondence, what is there for me to write about?

What do I interview you about?

Think about why you listen to something or tune in to a TV show.

Is it because you know what’s going to happen?

Most of the pitches I see are nothing but a pile of spoilers and leave me with nothing to be curious about.

The same goes for any instance in which you want someone to get back in touch with you.

Make people curious and they’ll follow up.

Give them everything and they’ll close the file.

I could go on and on about this topic and I’ll be sure to go into even more detail in my AMA next week, but for now, if you are currently pitching anything ask yourself if you’ve actually been giving too much instead of too little.

How can you make people curious to learn more about you rather than trying to convince them they should?

The best way to pitch is to pull people in.

And the best way to pull people in…

Is to leave something out. 


Art © Fiona Aboud

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