Put a Stamp on It

kate rood

Have you seen the movie Amélie? Where the title heroine fights loneliness and daily injustices with random acts of kindness, imagination and a killer haircut? Watching this movie is a New Year’s ritual for me. Hope and positivity win in the end, and I make a goal to re-commit to my inner-Amélie.

Which means I’m going to need more stamps.

To generate positivity in this tough world, I send snail mail. Exquisite letterpress cards. My own handcrafted notes, bright with Japanese washi tape. Cards to a friend in her first months fighting breast cancer. Postcards to my sister-in-law. Letters to the octogenarian and nonagenarian grandmother figures from my alma mater. The soundtrack to Amélie playing in my head as I address each envelope.

Setting goals for a new year is a way for us to activate our own personal butterfly effect. We imagine and act to make to make some kind of difference, somewhere, for someone. If you haven’t given the joy of snail mail to someone recently, it’s a great way to start the year.

Two months ago, my mom found a note on the windshield of her Kia Soul. “You are soooooo loved!!!” it exclaimed, signed with a heart and the initials RAK. Convinced it was intended for a different green car, she tried to match the note to a rightful neighbor with no luck. It was my pleasure to explain ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ to her, encouraging her to pay it forward with her own spontaneous positivity.

On my way home from her house, I stopped to buy more stamps.

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