Seeking Contributors! 2019 Writers’ Challenge

You love to write, or know you should write more, but it’s tough to hold yourself to it with so much going on in your life and business.
Relax. We’ve got your back.
In true Pregame form, we’re here to create accountability (and celebration!) for your writing goals.
This year, we’re inviting you to join the 2019 Pregame Magazine Contributor Challenge: 12 articles in 12 months.
To make it even easier, “articles” can be posts of any kind, including podcasts with show notes, photo journals, artwork, video with text, and anything you’ve already published as long as you own the rights to it.
It’s a win-win for your New Year writing goals: you get a platform and writing prompts, and we get to include you in our community of extraordinary people who are redefining success.
Accept the Pregame Magazine Challenge for 2019 to create 12 articles/posts/stories (1 per month) and you will get:
  • Your own column on
  • “Contributor Cue” – Monthly writing prompts
  • Your content shared across Pregame social media
  • 2x online video workshops on writing clickable content and brainstorming your unique topics
  • Of course, you own your content and can post to your own site or anywhere you wish.
To get in on the challenge, simply email us at with your January post by 1/15/2019. Our January topic is goals, resolutions, or your perspective on the New Year. examples here!
We’ll follow up to determine your column theme/title, get your social media handles/hashtags, and give you your own login to
We’re excited to help you win the New Year!
Strategy & Style,
Ciara Pressler, Editor

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