September 2016: Celebrating Creativity

Ciara Pressler Exit Stage Right

There’s something about back-to-school season that makes me want to create.

That promise of new knowledge, a shift in social commitments allowing for more personal work, crisp wisps of clear air promising chilly, cloudy afternoons that are ideal for writing, rehearsing, designing, collaborating.

My biggest goals have nearly all been achieved in the fall: producing my play, finishing both books, even crossing the finish line of eight marathons. This year, my full creative focus is on creating fresh professional development content for Pregame as we grow from an online-only community to our first members’ Clubhouse in Portland, OR. According to the astrologer I met last month, my creative energy is so strong right now that I’d better use birth control. Uh, point taken.

This month at Pregame, we celebrate Creativity; specifically, the projects that define us, free us, move us beyond what we thought was possible.

Our editorial team is proud to introduce our first Pregame Creative MVPs: daring and inspiring people who are at the cutting edge of creativity in art, performance, and culture.

So, as summer fades and fall rushes in, allow your creative energy to flow and discover where it takes you. We’re here to motivate and guide you along the way.

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