September 2017: Celebrating Mentors

Golden Hour Grass

At an earlier point in my career, I thought having a mentor would solve all my problems. I quickly realized that there aren’t always fairygodmothers in business and let go of the rigid notion of one super-executive who would be available to give me all the right answers at my beck and call.

I realized that mentors are everywhere; I just had to be open enough to see them.

There was Seth, the officemate who helped me learn to take breaks and let go of shady clients. And Kirk, who taught me to to work hard and have fun, and to make decisions with my gut as well as my head. Jeff showed me the power of creative connections and Chasten explained why not taking the risk is riskier than playing big. And Shane, who would pop up on chat at just the right time to say exactly the right thing to give me a fresh perspective on a business challenge.

Widening my perspective on mentorship helped me see all of the people who had inspired me throughout my life and education: my dad gave me the entrepreneurship itch. My mom showed me how to see the best potential in everyone and be a great cheerleader. My high school drama teacher showed me how to handle everything with a smile, fairness, and boundless energy.

I started to list all the mentors I have now, but couldn’t narrow it down. Being open to learn from everyone who is open to sharing their wisdom has made me grow much faster as a businessperson, as a person in the world, and as a mentor to others.

This month, we’re excited to feature musings and lessons gained from mentors. Featured artist Dan Hawk gently transitions us to fall with beautiful photography evoking the unique feeling of late summer.

To pregame the fall premieres, I interviewed three friends from New York theater who have made the transition to television writing in Los Angeles. Same questions, different takes. They share their career journeys, creative aspirations, and why speaking up in today’s political climate is a necessity.

Get inspired by this month’s meditations on mentors, then take a moment to send a thank-you note to someone who’s been a mentor to you. And then, pay it forward.

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