September 2018: Streamlining Your Business

Jackie Battenfield, Azurous, 2018    acrylic on Mylar panel 40 x 60 in.

If you’re running a business, you are probably doing a lot of extra work you don’t actually need to do.

Every business is full of waste. Even one-person businesses and side hustles suffer under the weight of an overabundance of ideas, messages, strategies, and tactics.

If you’re lean and mean and moving fast, you can’t afford to be weighed down. There’s no way you can surge past your competitors while holding onto the heavy baggage of old ideas and inner confusion about what your business is doing and the real value it provides.

Removing the unnecessary from your business is tricky. It’s far more effective to flip that idea around.

Instead of taking things out, Marie Kondo your business. That’s right, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the bestselling book that introduces Kondo’s simple, effective method for organizing your house once and for all, is applicable to your business as well. Start with a completely blank slate (your calendar is an excellent start), and slowly, thoughtfully add back only the things that spark joy, grow your audience, and improve profit.

Be relentless. Don’t hold onto stale strategies just because you created them or even because they worked last year. Evaluate based on effectiveness NOW and in your immediate future.

This month, we go straight to the point and ask pointed questions to provoke streamlining your business, career, and life.

Will you accept the challenge?

Strategy & Style,

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