September 2019: Career Journeys

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This month’s topic was meant to be Business, but a theme emerged from our contributors: the ambiguous, unexpected nature of career opportunities.

Whether you’re building a career or growing a business, comfort with the unknown is a definite success skill.

The business environment changes so rapidly that resilience may be one of the biggest factors in whether challenges crush you or usher you into your best chapter yet.

In the Kickoff Session, our intro-to-Pregame business coaching session at the Clubhouse, one of the top reasons people come to us is to determine when to take the big leap from working for someone else to starting their own business.

Yesterday, one such client did his Kickoff Session with me. He wanted the game plan for his not-yet-launched business, but he was defining “game plan” as knowing how everything would go before he started it.

Because we’re about telling the truth over telling clients what they want to hear, I explained to him that there’s a limit to how prepared he can be. He could write a business plan, run projections, and launch a website, but the true heart of his business, the strategy, the challenges, the opportunities, cannot be known until he’s in it.

Unless you want to start a franchise, don’t expect there to be a formula for your business. That’s why we don’t sell formulas; we promote best practices.

It’s the same with most careers. The businesses where I learned the most didn’t exist when I was in college; there was no way I could have planned my career path in advance. And I needed all of the diverse, seemingly unrelated work experiences I’ve had in order to get the skills, creativity, and instinct it has taken to launch Pregame.

How about your career? Are you leaving space for opportunity, for resting in the unknown?

This month, explore the ways you can forget the formulas and instead, follow your curiosity to your next professional leap.

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