September 2020: Burn It Down

Carlo Proietto

To understate a Covid silver lining, 2020 has been, if nothing else, a remarkable opportunity to rethink everything.

My friends have been considering big changes – or taking the leap and going for it.

Moving across the country. Buying the house. Doing IVF. Getting divorced. Getting back together. Confronting family members about long-hidden issues. Finally leaving New York.

Nothing sparks change like a crisis.

Limping along with systems that aren’t working just doesn’t cut it anymore when major events expose weaknesses that threaten core values, connection, and opportunity.

Let’s hope our personal reinventions are foreshadowing of change in our country.

Change is necessary; the debate is only whether to move backward or forward.

Backward is easy, but it’s the real hoax. There will be no “back to normal.” We are permanently changed.

Forward is the only option.

The question is whether we best move forward by burning it all down and starting over, or by changing incrementally from within.

Either. Or both.

Which will you choose?

Strategy & Style,

Artwork by Carlo Proietto

One thought on “September 2020: Burn It Down

  1. Brilliant! You captured our dilemma beautifully and succintly. if doing nothing is still an option, you’re not paying attention. Radical circumstances incite radical change. It may be the only thing that does!

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