Steve Potestio on Who’s Hiring, Staying Relevant, and Putting In the Work

Steve Potestio

In The Interview: Episode #07, Ciara Pressler interviews Steve Potestio, co-founder and CEO of Mathys+Potestio.

Steve and Ciara talk about…

  • Staying active throughout a job search
  • How working remotely has forced companies and employees to be much more flexible
  • Shifting away from finding localized talent with a generalized move towards remote office environments
  • Staying relevant in the job market
  • How to run a chill business with a positive team culture

Steve Potestio is a co-founder and CEO of Mathys+Potestio, Oregon’s largest recruitment firm for the creative/digital industries. In 2019, M+P was recognized as one of the fastest growing staffing firms in the U.S., (Inc. Magazine) and one of the Best Places to Work in the U.S. by Outside Magazine. Potestio has launched three successful businesses focusing on creative/digital tech industry recruitment, talent management, HR, and staffing. He has worked closely with global brands and hundreds of creative agencies on internal talent management issues, growth strategies and building positive cultures. He’s also found work for thousands in his 25+ year career. Formerly a creative professional himself, he worked as a copywriter, graphic designer, project manager, account manager, and was director of operations for Portland’s largest digital agency bridging the dot com days.

Where to find Steve:…

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