Sylvia Salazar on Voting, Immigration, and Latinx Organizing in the U.S.

Sylvia Salazar

In The Interview: Episode #18, Ciara Pressler interviews Sylvia Salazar, creator of Tono Latino, computer engineer, and political activist.

Sylvia and Ciara talk about…

  • Inspiring political engagement
  • Her perspective as a Latina immigrant and grassroots organizer in the era of America’s current federal administration
  • How she uses her privilege as a white passing Latina woman
  • Educating the Latinx community and inspiring people to vote

Sylvia Salazar is a Colombian immigrant and a computer engineer turned political activist. Her passion is helping other people understand what is going on in the world of politics and to encourage them to become more politically involved and vote. She is determined to change Latino representation in politics and in the media. Sylvia wants to help people find solutions, provided by technology, that improve their lives, while also helping them disconnect from technology and connect more with one another.

Where to find Sylvia:
YouTube: Tono Latino

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