October 2018: Digital Life

Alexander Reben

The amount of time you spend on screens is directly related to your level of anxiety. Extensive social media use leads to depression and isolation. At least, that’s what I think someone said they heard from a study that may or may not have been published in a reputable journal and/or website. In a new normal, where all news is fake and all personal truth is fact and everything is […]

September 2018: Streamlining Your Business

Jackie Battenfield, Azurous, 2018    acrylic on Mylar panel 40 x 60 in.

If you’re running a business, you are probably doing a lot of extra work you don’t actually need to do. Every business is full of waste. Even one-person businesses and side hustles suffer under the weight of an overabundance of ideas, messages, strategies, and tactics. If you’re lean and mean and moving fast, you can’t afford to be weighed down. There’s no way you can surge past your competitors while holding onto the […]

Don’t Knock The Hustle


How to Use Storytelling to Create Trust and Build an Authentic Network for the Shy, Introverted, and Sleaze-Averse As a shy child I dreaded any activity that required an introductory game. Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and youth group mixers were attended with the resignation that the first half hour would involve enduring some sadistic adult’s idea of fun. I would do my best to disappear against the wall or attempt […]

You Are Your Brand

Soul Camp

Michelle Goldblum is the co-founder of Soul Camp Creative, a full-service brand strategy, design, and development agency working specifically and solely in the space of wellness, transformation, and personal development. In the era of new coaches, gurus, and spiritual teachers, we asked Michelle how people can create an authentic presence and stand out from the crowd. Who are your clients? Our clients consists of authors, speakers, teachers, coaches, and conscious companies and […]

Relationship Therapy: Creating Better Client-Marketer Engagements


When people contact me for a PR Game Plan, they’ve often already reached a point of frustration. They’ve either tried to do it alone and were met with disappointing results, or have been disappointed by their expectations of a previous engagement with a PR firm. When marketing professionals in my training workshops respond to my question, “What are your challenges?” they always, without exception, answer: “Our clients are never satisfied […]

Business Pricing: How to Charge Like an Expert

Tra Bouscaren, Projection Theory Slant Rhyme Institute, Solo Installation at Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, Pittsburgh

What you charge, and how you charge, says a lot about your level of skill whether you like it or not. I meet so many people that want to be experts, thought leaders, gurus, yet their pricing, and how they handle the situation, tells a different story. Here’s What an Expert Looks Like I met Steve the week he moved to NYC. Through a mutual friend at a bar on […]

How to Raise Prices like a Badass


Want to know if you have a badass brand? Take this short quiz: Do you magnetically attract ideal clients? Can you charge a premium price (in other words, more than your competitors) and still win the business? Being able to charge a premium price for your services is the cornerstone for having a badass brand and business. Not because we want to gouge clients out of money, but because you’re […]

A Brand Studio Born in Paradise

early retirement

How a soul-searching trip off the grid lead to the formation of our badass branding company… In 2011—before a branding studio was even a figment of my imagination—my then-fiancée Steve and I retired early. Really early: ages 31 and 27, respectively. With $10,000 in our savings account, we sublet our Brooklyn apartment and bought a one-way ticket to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. We found a farm through WWOOF.org that allowed […]

Building Community With One Unlikely Word: NO.


  If you own a business, you’ve probably been told that “building a community” should be high on your list of priorities. You probably think that the best way to build community is to  know the best way connect with other people and do things that will get them to like you. Win friends to influence people, right?! Wrong. One of the key steps to building a badass community is […]

The Single Most Badass Business Goal for 2016

Pia Silva

True or false: to be a successful brand, you must always strive to be bigger and better. You have to tack on all the bells and whistles your competition offers. You have to sell to the Fortune 500 to be noticed. False. The most important thing you need to be successful is to pump your company brand full of badassery. “Badassery, what’s that?” you might ask. Let me explain with a […]