The Highway of Life: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Lane

Danielle Mourning

Sandra Vischer is the author of the novel Unliving the Dream, about the challenges and triumphs of midlife. — As young people, we have all kinds of dreams and visions for our futures. We want to summit Mount Rainier, paraglide off of a cliff in the Austrian Alps, rumble a Harley down Route 66, or save whales in the Southern Ocean. We dream big! And we naïvely think we will fulfill those dreams. But then, we get out of college, start a career, get married, have kids… and before we know it, we’re cruising at a respectable speed in our […]

Change is on the Horizon

Bonsai at Longwood Gardens

Change can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in our lives, bringing new horizons and new opportunities. Yet many of us back away from change, stuck in fear that something may go horribly wrong. However, change is actually an opportunity for things to improve from where they are now. Things can actually change for the better. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” Charles Swindoll reminds us that changes happening in our lives are neither all good nor all bad, and we ourselves are the ones who decide whether […]

December 2016: Embracing Change

Danielle Mourning

Until recently, I hated change. After a childhood filled with changing homes, schools, and cities, I stayed in my first post-college apartment for ten years — practically unheard of for a twentysomething in New York City. Adulthood brought the opportunity to make my own decisions, choose my own environments, and even create my own second family. I became so committed to everything staying the same, or at least within my control, that it became to impede my personal development. I ended up in a Groundhog Day of repetition, which seemed like control but was really just monotony, and the illusion that […]

Your CFO: Financial Tips for Pursing Your Dream Career

Shanti Grumbine, Performance Still of “The Last Color: A Reliquary”, 2016

You’ve decided to leave your job of 30 years and your $100,000 salary to pursue your dream career – congrats! Making a career change to pursue your passion isn’t easy or cheap, but it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to change your lifestyle and spending habits to make it happen. Before you make the leap, be 100% sure this is what you want to do because your lifestyle is going to change drastically. Is the job important enough to sell your house/car, move into a condo, and possibly *gasp* ride your bike to work? If you’ve decided that the lifestyle […]