Past Present: Thai Cave Rescue, Breastfeeding, and Fleece Vests

Man Cave Diving

In this episode, Neil, Natalia, and Niki discuss the children rescued from a Thai cave, the Trump administration’s approach to breastfeeding policy, and the fleece vests that have become a staple uniform of the finance industry. Here are some links and references mentioned during this week’s show: A Thai boys’ soccer team was rescued from a flooded cave as the world watched. Niki referred to comedian Stephen Colbert linking the rescue to the Trump […]

Don’t Knock The Hustle


How to Use Storytelling to Create Trust and Build an Authentic Network for the Shy, Introverted, and Sleaze-Averse As a shy child I dreaded any activity that required an introductory game. Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and youth group mixers were attended with the resignation that the first half hour would involve enduring some sadistic adult’s idea of fun. I would do my best to disappear against the wall or attempt […]

Past Present: Anthony Bourdain, Family Values, and Ageism

Old people crossing warning sign

In this week’s episode, Neil, Niki, and Natalia debate the legacy of Anthony Bourdain, the end of “family values” conservatism, and ageism as a form of discrimination. Here are some links and references mentioned during this week’s show: The late Anthony Bourdain helped define the now familiar figure of the “celebrity chef.” Niki referred to Bourdain’s books Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw as reshaping the genre of food writing. Natalia […]

[MVP] Michael Knouse: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Michael Knouse

Pregame MVP Michael Knouse helps established business builders escape overwhelm, find focus and thrive as an impact-driven entrepreneur. He empowers visionary entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through accountability, smart business design, deep focus, and execution. He hosts The Startup Sessions Podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders. Michael’s goal is to show mission-driven business leaders how to achieve their full human potential through entrepreneurship. […]

May 2018: Arts & Culture

El Anatsui

I’ll never forget an editorial I read years ago, found via Thomas Cott’s excellent daily arts industry digest, You’ve Cott Mail (see what he did there?). Cott’s headline was “The Crucial Role of ‘Middlebrow’ Arts,” though a few clicks through Google reveal that the original blog post, by Clayton Lord, bore a more direct title: “Funny, Catchy and Not Too Challenging, or ‘At some point, you’re just an elitist f*ck.’” […]

Past Present Podcast: Sean Hannity, Gayborhoods, and Running Tutus


  In this episode, Natalia, Neil, and Niki debate the Sean Hannity phenomenon, battles over the “gayborhood,” and the popularity of running tutus. Here are some links and references mentioned during this week’s show: Conservative media personality Sean Hannity has attained new fame thanks to his proximity to President Trump. Niki referred to her Washington Post piece arguing Hannity is more a promoter rather than a kingmaker and to Neil’s Huffington Post article arguing that Hannity is not a […]

A Poor Man With Lots of Money


Pablo Picasso once said “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” At first that statement might make us laugh, due to the irony in it, but it gets at the heart of two important issues that are often different sides of the same coin: living simply while enjoying the small pleasures in life versus spending our life amassing money and possessions. Like many people, I’ve […]

March 2018: Revisiting Vitality

Charles Heppner: Sacred Fabric: Loving Bodies

Are you surviving, slogging, existing… or are you thriving, bursting, vital? This month, we explore how we capture and keep our Vitality: one inclusive word that encompasses our physical, mental, and emotional wellness. In our zone, in our flow, at our best. I am known where I am known as a getter of goals. Well, at least, as a setter of goals. Every day at work, I lead entrepreneurs and creators through identifying […]

Fabulous at 50 and Beyond: Creating a Revolution

BeFab Revolution

Gretchen Asher created BeFab Revolution after 20+ years as a successful management consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Her goal is to create a revolution where women 50+ are celebrated, admired, and inspired. What is BeFab Revolution? BeFab revolution is an online community of women better than (age) 50 from over 40 countries all around the world. Our online platforms include a Membership website, Facebook groups, and a first-ever Business Directory […]

Your Team Begins With You (But It Isn’t About You)

angela hennessy - black rainbow

I once had a boss scold me for failing to greet my coworkers when I arrived at work. I had managed a restaurant before (it’s astounding how easy it is to earn a set of keys in the hospitality industry), but this was my first big promotion, complete with business cards and a company email. I responded that, as the manager working swing shift, I didn’t think it appropriate to […]