Featured Artist: Dan Hawk

Dan Hawk

Dan Hawk is a Portland-based photographer who loves telling visual stories about how it feels to be in this place, at this moment, with these people. His style and approach are direct, clean, classic, and true; he likes authentic moments and beautiful natural light. Dan specializes in environmental portraits, creative space photography and headshots for people doing creative work. The idea is to help tell a business’s or person’s story with photos made in their space. He wants to show what makes people unique and why they are passionate about what they do.  See more of Dan’s work on his website and Instagram.

Book Brief: Raising Happiness

mother and child

Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents by Christine Carter, Ph.D. 2011, Ballantine Books The Idea Christine Carter, the executive director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, provides a blueprint for raising happier children and becoming happier yourself in the process. She distills research in the fields of psychology, sociology, and neuroscience into practical, actionable advice. Recommended For If you’re a parent who wants to develop some self-care practices for yourself and your children, this book might give you some ideas. There are a lot of suggestions about making your life easier, specifically not […]

Where’s the Love?

love rocks

Two words: Love and Community. Where do the two meet? It strikes me that without love, there is no community, in the most fundamental sense. Love (of the romantic variety) gives way to partnership and children and growing families to extended families to villages to towns to commerce to cities to countries and so forth. Then there are all the little communities within a community: the churches, the retirement homes, the neighborhood watches, the D&D groups, the cribbage clubs, the weekly soccer match, fill in the blank. Aren’t they all based, at least in part, on some form of love? Part of […]