The Startup Sessions: Step Into Your Power, Stand In Your Truth w/ Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

The Superwoman Episode! This week on the Startup Sessions, I talk with speaker, change agent, author, and entrepreneur Jessica Williams who is in the midst of creating a movement!  Jessica joins me to share her powerful perspective of building a project and sharing the lessons that entrepreneurs need to hear when facing adversity.  From the rural south to her sight-unseen move to L.A. with $800 in her pocket, Jessica takes us […]

Train Your Brain: Visualization

Train Your Brain

How can you soothe stress, boost optimism, and make progress towards your goals so that you are truly thriving at work? Try using a visualization strategy.  Studies show that visualizations and mental imagery impact attention, planning, and memory. They “train” the brain, helping to boost motivation, increase confidence and improve performance. Our brains cannot tell the difference between a sensory-rich visualization and something actually occurring.  In other words, when you […]

[MVP] Dana Corey: From Frustration to Freedom

Dana Corey

Pregame MVP Dana Corey gives business owners the rocket fuel to reach those crazy, can’t-even-bring-myself-to-think-them, never-gonna-happen goals. Then, she coaches clients to make those goals become the new normal, so they are off tackling their next impossible goals. Dana’s clients are entrepreneurs who have owned their businesses for long enough that they’ve successfully created a job for themselves and they’re making money, but they feel trapped in day-to-day operations and […]

July 2017: The Strategic Pause

©Nick Onken

As a recovering perfectionist, I find the idea of doing nothing incredibly disconcerting. I’m slowly chipping away at the bad habit of basing my self-worth and satisfaction on my productivity and achievements. Perfectly normal leisure activities like napping or reading a book or taking a walk feel too indulgent unless they are directly tied to a goal like learning something new or being well-rested for an event or getting from point […]

Pregame Your Business: How to Shop for a Professional Consultant, Coach, or Advisor

Pregame Your Business

In my last article, I outlined the nine types of business advisors to avoid, from consultants without a track record to coaches without a satisfied clientele. Now it’s time to find a fantastic match among the many game-changing consultants and coaches out there. Partnering with the right advisor can take your business to the next level through insight, strategy, and clarity. The best consultants will be the first to admit […]

Real Results or Slick Sales? How to Spot a Shady Coach, Consultant, or Advisor

The Huddle: Choose Your Advisors Wisely

In the rap game, there’s nothing worse than Fake MCs. Weak beats and weaker lyrics hiding behind rhinestone bling, illegal samples, and irritating hooks; distracting from the Real MCs and real talent with the smoke and mirrors of big budgets and booty. The entrepreneurship game is no different (well, less booty). Thanks to the low barrier to entry, almost anyone can appoint herself an expert and sell you a thousand-dollar […]

MVP Onboarding For The 97% of Startups Who Have None

Peter D. Gerakaris, Tropicália

Being a small, rapidly changing startup with no time to do onboarding doesn’t have to mean your employees don’t get onboarded at all. I meet dozens of startup founders with just a few employees (and even some with 20–100 employees), and the reality is that they don’t have the time, resources, or internal know-how to do onboarding “right” right now. We already know how expensive it is to bring on a […]

CEO: Creating Every Opportunity

Peter D. Gerakaris, Chartreuse Garden Accordion Book

Hang on. You are in for a ride, but stay true to your goal. Wait a minute! We don’t need to go back that far to start the journey. Okay, this is better. Your journey begins as a CEO. You have a vision, a goal, and a BIG IDEA! Getting from Point A to Point B… Holding fast to the vision for your life. Having a reason to believe in your vision. […]

Green Week: Sara Batterby on Startup Funding

HiFi Farms at Pregame HQ

Angel Investor and Cannabis Entrepreneur Sara Batterby came to Pregame HQ for a Green Week conversation about startup funding and growth best practices. Sara started her career in technology and finance with Accenture and has subsequently supported multiple ventures as a founder, a consultant and an advisor. She is passionate about diversity as a basis for strong business and smart investing, and co-designed an angel fund that applied the diversity […]