Real Results or Slick Sales? How to Spot a Shady Coach, Consultant, or Advisor

The Huddle: Choose Your Advisors Wisely

In the rap game, there’s nothing worse than Fake MCs. Weak beats and weaker lyrics hiding behind rhinestone bling, illegal samples, and irritating hooks; distracting from the Real MCs and real talent with the smoke and mirrors of big budgets and booty. The entrepreneurship game is no different (well, less booty). Thanks to the low barrier to entry, almost anyone can appoint herself an expert and sell you a thousand-dollar […]

MVP Onboarding For The 97% of Startups Who Have None

Peter D. Gerakaris, Tropicália

Being a small, rapidly changing startup with no time to do onboarding doesn’t have to mean your employees don’t get onboarded at all. I meet dozens of startup founders with just a few employees (and even some with 20–100 employees), and the reality is that they don’t have the time, resources, or internal know-how to do onboarding “right” right now. We already know how expensive it is to bring on a […]

CEO: Creating Every Opportunity

Peter D. Gerakaris, Chartreuse Garden Accordion Book

Hang on. You are in for a ride, but stay true to your goal. Wait a minute! We don’t need to go back that far to start the journey. Okay, this is better. Your journey begins as a CEO. You have a vision, a goal, and a BIG IDEA! Getting from Point A to Point B… Holding fast to the vision for your life. Having a reason to believe in your vision. […]

Green Week: Sara Batterby on Startup Funding

HiFi Farms at Pregame HQ

Angel Investor and Cannabis Entrepreneur Sara Batterby came to Pregame HQ for a Green Week conversation about startup funding and growth best practices. Sara started her career in technology and finance with Accenture and has subsequently supported multiple ventures as a founder, a consultant and an advisor. She is passionate about diversity as a basis for strong business and smart investing, and co-designed an angel fund that applied the diversity […]

My Real Angel Investors: Reframing Startup Funding to Accelerate Your Wealth

Marcus Cadman, American Bingo Spirit

When I opened the Pregame Clubhouse last year, it was the biggest financial risk I’ve taken to date. It was self-funded, and rather than spend my time looking for investors, I chose to kick it old school and put all my focus into driving real revenue and creating a winning product. Like every entrepreneur I have ever worked with, our revenue grew more slowly than I initially projected. Convincing myself […]

Why Entrepreneurs Must Constantly Reevaluate The Risks They’re Willing To Take

the punch card of life

You can only succeed as much as you are willing to fail. Only recently did I fully grasp how much the level of failure I was willing to experience directly related to the size of the game I was playing in business. It all started when I was chatting recently with a friend who has a completely different level of experience with financial failure than I do. As a trader, at […]

April 2017: Conscious Wealth

Marcus Cadman, Modern Native States

I have issues with money. That’s not a dramatic confession, because we all have money issues. From our family of origin to our our capitalist culture, we’ve been set up to have a panicked yet dependent relationship with money, from student debt to credit cards to mortgage rates. Defining one’s true wealth, however, is much more than that. Wealth is less an account balance, and more an attitude. It’s what […]

10 Healthy Habits for a Fuller Life

healthy habits

Mind and body wellness is proven to help make us more alert, more focused, and more productive, so they are healthy habits worth fitting into our day no matter how packed, busy or stressful our day seems because these healthy lifestyle choices are proven to improve our quality of life. Our bodies function to rebalance hormones, destress, detoxify, and realign during stretching and exercising. Neuroscience shows that not exercising each […]

Try One New Thing a Day to Diversify Your Life

The “Our City Exhibition” features a walkable installation based on Cousins’ “Mapping Soulville.”

We’re told we shouldn’t spend all our time partying as a socialite, or as a workaholic at the office, or pumping iron as a gym rat. Following the three pillars of career, relationships, and self we’re supposed to be well-rounded and live a diverse life, right? Encourage you to take that concept one step further and look at our personal roles as they fall into each of those three categories. […]