Past Present Podcast: The AHCA, Children’s Sleep, and Planets


In this week’s episode of Past Present, Niki, Neil, and Natalia debate the fate of the American Health Care Act, the constructed nature of children’s sleep, and Pluto’s place among the planets.     The AHCA We discussed why Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare failed and the longer history of health care reform in the U.S. Children’s Sleep A recent Los Angeles Times oped wondered why parents insist their children sleep alone. We discussed the history of sleep, including Natalia’s comments on how famous pediatricians like Dr. Spock and Dr. Ferber recommended children be trained to sleep. […]

10 Healthy Habits for a Fuller Life

healthy habits

Mind and body wellness is proven to help make us more alert, more focused, and more productive, so they are healthy habits worth fitting into our day no matter how packed, busy or stressful our day seems because these healthy lifestyle choices are proven to improve our quality of life. Our bodies function to rebalance hormones, destress, detoxify, and realign during stretching and exercising. Neuroscience shows that not exercising each day is equivalent to taking a depression pill each day. Here are ten healthy habits to follow on your path to wellness, along with easy ways to fit healthy habits into […]

Past Present Podcast: Brangelina, EpiPens, and Dr. Oz

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

In this week’s episode, Niki, Natalia, and Neil debate the dissolution of the Jolie-Pitt marriage, the price of EpiPens, and Dr. Oz and medical entertainment. Dissolution of Brangelina Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, famously known as Brangelina, have announced they are divorcing. Neil argued Angelina Jolie’s public remaking as mother and humanitarian repeated a common pattern for actresses in the history of Hollywood, like Loretta Young. Natalia remembered W Magazine’s 2005 issue that officially introduced the couple to the world with a photospread of them as members of an unhappy 1960s suburban family, and recommended the celebrity gossip historian Anne Helen Peterson’s writings on Brangelina. […]