Confessions of a Life Coach: Does Goal-Setting Really Matter?

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  Confession #1: I don’t like setting goals. They scare me. Setting a goal raises the possibility that I won’t reach it. If I never commit to anything, I can’t fail, right? Oy. If only that were true. I spent a few years living without making any goals. The problem was that I wasn’t really living. When I don’t commit to a challenge, I don’t grow, and if I don’t […]

Approaching the New Year with Love

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The New Year comes like a new baby: unavoidable, headlong, and full of promise. We can worry that the amount of promise the new year brings is entirely up to us (and that is certainly one way to look at it), but as with a new baby, the new year will most likely thrive and bring us all the joy and fullness we could hope for, if only we approach […]

A Story About Love and Asking and Listening in Silence

Peter D. Gerakaris, Floating Garden

Once a week I take a morning run up into the park behind my home with my furry little friend, Max. It’s windy and steep and lush with new Spring growth this time of year – a feast for the senses.  At the turnaround meadow, I sit in silence for a few minutes and meditate. Looking forward to this special quiet time at the halfway mark is what gets me […]

To My Younger Self

Xin Song, Message from Nature

Be Unapologetically You. Trust who you are, beyond what others have placed upon you. Know the person you have stared at your entire life is out of this world gorgeous inside and out! Those blemishes and imperfections are proof you exist in this world where we are asked to continuously find our core and trust that space beyond anything else. You will have days when you lose your cool; moments […]

Narrative Harmony

Cousins’ fundraiser poster features a collage from “Mapping Soulville” created in collaboration with her neighbors. Proceeds support the expansion of the project into other historically black NYC neighborhoods in 2017.

Brittanie Richardson is an artist and activist working to abolish sex slavery. Her latest project is the Art and Abolition Movement. My ability to believe pretty much anything is probably biggest asset as well as my greatest flaw. It’s great because I am the best at “Your dreams are valid. You can be anything you want to be if you just believe” and all that. I have a pretty amazing job […]

The Highway of Life: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Lane

Danielle Mourning

Sandra Vischer is the author of the novel Unliving the Dream, about the challenges and triumphs of midlife. — As young people, we have all kinds of dreams and visions for our futures. We want to summit Mount Rainier, paraglide off of a cliff in the Austrian Alps, rumble a Harley down Route 66, or save whales in the Southern Ocean. We dream big! And we naïvely think we will […]

November 2016: Giving Back

Michelle Hartney, Kathleen

We reach a certain point in life where it’s required to give back. Not out of obligation, but because we are overflowing: with knowledge, experience, passion. With the understanding that generosity breeds exponential results. A few years ago I decided to test [The Universe]* on this whole generosity thing. I spent a week giving as much as possible with no expectation of return, from business advice to a dollar on […]

The Typical Child

Sunia Gibbs Art - Roar

Sometimes I wonder what it might be like to have a “typical” child. A child who lines up with the norms and follows the rules. I wonder how it would feel to post smug memes about how misbehaved children are always the parents’ fault. Always. And to read parenting books and have them work and then pat myself on the back because look at what a great job I’m doing! I wonder […]

It’s All Life

Shanti Grumbine, Asemic Tablets (detail), 2016, ink solvent transfers on Hydrocal, 3 x 3 feet

If you Google “work relationships,” you will find, among a very long list of articles on the subject, a surprising number of seminars and workshops which, for a cool $200, promise to teach you in one day how to not only maximize your effectiveness in the workplace, but how to get along with almost any personality type found in your office. I call bullshit, but I’m going to try to […]

Building a Startup With Your Spouse… Successfully

Pia Silva Wasterval and Steve Wasterval

Whenever people hear that I own a business with my husband, the first thing they usually say is “I could never do that!” followed by the question “How do you do that?!” People are so curious about it that Forbes even did a piece on it! How do you do it? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice! You see, I absolutely love working with my husband. I mean, I liked him […]