[MVP] Michael Knouse: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Michael Knouse

Pregame MVP Michael Knouse helps established business builders escape overwhelm, find focus and thrive as an impact-driven entrepreneur. He empowers visionary entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through accountability, smart business design, deep focus, and execution. He hosts The Startup Sessions Podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders. Michael’s goal is to show mission-driven business leaders how to achieve their full human potential through entrepreneurship. Why do you love working with entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are my favorite people. By nature, they are rule breakers and smart risk takers. The most alive and energetic people I know […]

[MVP] Linda Stimac: From Finance to Facilitate

Linda Stimac

Pregame MVP Linda Stimac has dedicated her career to helping business leaders close the gap between actual and potential performance in client acquisition, talent acquisition and high performing teams. She has helped thousands of seasoned and next generation professionals to change habits and beliefs as well as acquire the unique facilitation skills and techniques that translate into sustainable gains in productivity. Her program Facilitate was recently selected as the centerpiece for an industry-wide learning program offered by Texas Tech University’s Center for Financial Responsibility. Facilitate comes to Pregame HQ this September. How do people sabotage themselves in their approach to sales? […]

[MVP] Dana Corey: From Frustration to Freedom

Dana Corey

Pregame MVP Dana Corey gives business owners the rocket fuel to reach those crazy, can’t-even-bring-myself-to-think-them, never-gonna-happen goals. Then, she coaches clients to make those goals become the new normal, so they are off tackling their next impossible goals. Dana’s clients are entrepreneurs who have owned their businesses for long enough that they’ve successfully created a job for themselves and they’re making money, but they feel trapped in day-to-day operations and fear that the freedom to live life the way they had dreamed is as far off as ever. She helps seasoned business owners move from being stuck in the never-ending […]