Your CFO: What Are the Social Obligations Around Your Charitable Donations?

Silk Espresso owner, Leah McMahon

Cancer is a cause that hits close to home for Silk Espresso owner, Leah McMahon. In the ten years that she’s been in business, Leah has created a family of loyal, caring customers who share their lives with her each day over a steaming cup of coffee. So in 2008, when long-time customer and friend “Judo Jon” was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the fight became personal to Leah and her Silk Espresso family. They took it upon themselves to create the Judo Jon Fundraiser to help Jon, his wife Dusti, and their children during the most difficult time in their […]

Gary Davis of Operation Nightwatch on Creating Community for Those Who Need It Most

operation nightwatch portland

Operation Nightwatch is a non-sectarian night ministry providing hospitality to promote dignity and community among the neediest populations in the greater Portland, OR area. One of the only service organizations open at night, Nightwatch provides shelter, food, and health care to the homeless and those who need extra support to survive. Called “the poor person’s Starbucks,” Nightwatch is a coffeehouse-style atmosphere complete with board games and open mic nights, giving people a place to connect and be heard. I started volunteering at Nightwatch in 2014 and it became my unlikely community. Instead of spending Friday nights with friends or Netflix, something about […]

It’s Not About You: Success is Better Based on Service Than Happiness

aparna bole

The combination of photo cards and social media make the holidays a time for our friends’ and families’ highlight reels to be writ large. Everywhere we turn, we encounter Instagrammed engagement scenes, tableaux of sparkly 2016 glasses and champagne flutes, and Christmas letters enumerating accomplishments. Facebook tells us that our friends are feeling “blessed.” We read about the many things our loved ones are grateful for: “sunsets,” “wonderful children,” “treasured friends,” “exciting new professional endeavors.” While it can be a joy to experience the joys of others, there has been much said about the fact that our highlight reels can […]