Your CFO: Wrapping Up Your Year-End Finances With Ease

Danielle Mourning

Decorating the tree, buying gifts, visiting friends and loved ones and…taking inventory? Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, squeezing in your year-end financial wrap-up can seem daunting. To simplify the process this holiday season, I’ve compiled a checklist of things you need to do before and after the New Year: Do these things BEFORE December 31. Review your income statement Was this year more profitable than last year? Now is the time to look at deferring income by billing clients in late December and collecting payments in January, making purchases of furniture or equipment, or making a donation […]

Is It Gay-Friendly?

Alex Nuñez, I’m sleeping with my windows open. I wish you would appear. Remind me why I screen my calls and how I wish you lived near- an exercise in opulence, 2016 (Installation shot 1)

When planning a trip when young and naïve, I would ask myself just two questions: 1) can I afford it? and 2) is it going to be fun? For many years, those were really the only things I considered. But as I have aged, come out as a gay man, and have seen the world become a more and more complex place, I have started to ask myself this question before each trip: Is where I am going gay-friendly? For those of you who are not gay, people really do notice when two men eat dinner together at a nice […]