The Power of Incompletions

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Many years ago, a wise friend gave me a crucial piece of wisdom. He said, “Incompletions sap your energy: but completions actually GIVE you energy.”

A light bulb went off in my head. Because I’ve been one of those who sits around thinking of all the things I’ve got to – and not doing any.

So what’s the problem with incompletions? On their own, nothing. But incompletions often tie up your energy and drag you down – without you even realizing it.

“Incompletions” says Dr. Barbara Schwarck, “Can be a problem if we allow ourselves to feel inefficient, bad, lazy or overwhelmed. Most of us have several lists of incompletions in all areas of our lives, i.e., house, career, education and family. Remember, incompletions are not always physical tasks. Some of us have incomplete communications or incomplete issues – emotional stuff that, if let go or brought to completion, would free up energy and create joy.”

Tip: If a goal or project takes you only five minutes to complete, do it right away. You will spend more time thinking about it than it will ever take you to do the actual task.

Just do it.

Tip: Very important!! Pick one thing on your list. (You can start small)

If you choose to do it, do it 110% until it’s finished and…

You’ll find yourself swelling with a feeling of accomplishment, and with a new surge of energy to tackle the next, and the next and so on. It sounds funny, but try it. It works!

Don’t let a list of “things to do” get you down. Just do one!

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