The Power of Where

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There’s one variable in one on one meetings that most people overlook and yet it is the thing that will undoubtedly make you memorable to anyone.

This particular variable has been used on me personally to great effect.

It’s been a factor in someone I just met impressing me, in getting deals closed, and in causing me to remember certain people years after we met- even if we only met one time.

I’m talking about where the meeting took place.

Most of us see this as a throwaway.

We meet someone at our office or at a coffee shop and we get filed away in their minds next to all of the other people who invited them to that place.

I actually remember one networking group where the members all used the same club in midtown and to this day, they all were interchangeable to me since my meetings with them always felt like a carbon copy of the last one.

Choosing a different place for your meetings is powerful.

Here are some examples of people who used the power of where to make me remember them:

1. An entrepreneur who was also in the Navy invited me to meet with him and his friends on the tour of a boat during fleet week.

2. A not for profit founder took our entire meeting walking around the block with him.

3. A real estate agent invited me to a morning dance party with her friends and other early risers.

4. A writer for a number of online publications invited me to meet her and a bunch of her colleagues at a speakeasy on Halloween.

5. A sponsorship coordinator invited me to meet him at a late night after party after fashion week.

6. An internet marketer invited me to meet him on a yacht touring the Hudson after a conference he was running.

7. An engineer invited me to meet and have a talk while taking a tour of the Google offices

8. A young entrepreneur invited me to meet him at a charity spinning event.

9. An artist invited me to meet at an abandoned studio space where he was working on a painting

10. A sales person for a new clothing line invited me to meet her in a cool shop in Soho.

The list could go on and on.

Now one thing that may go through your mind when you read that list is that it may be hard to get access to some of these cool places, but you don’t have to rent a yacht to be memorable.

You just have to choose some place that interests you and start testing out locations.

The power of where is one that very few people take advantage of, so if you start doing it, you’ll probably be surprised at how many people talk about how they met you.

The choice is yours.

Do you want them to remember you?

Or remember that the Salted Caramel Mocha is back at Starbucks?


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