The Puzzle Master, The Ninja, And The Pop Star

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A few weeks back one of my readers sent me a link to a video on the Tube Of Yous of a guy named Chris Ramsay who has amassed millions of followers as a result of working on puzzles and recording it.

The story goes that when the pandemic hit, he had a puzzle that he wanted to work on and he decided to record himself working his way through it until completion and when that puzzle was done, he did another one and recorded another video.

At some point, the videos took off, and now he has a massive following prompting the question:

Wha Happened? (Shoutout to all my Christopher Guest fans)

Chris tapped into something that most of us forget about when we’re creating content, which is that people like to watch.

From the days of the circus to the train wreck that is reality television we all have an interest in watching others do things that we ourselves either refuse to do or have the skills to do.

And if enough people decide that they’d like to live vicariously through someone else’s experience then that content gets shared and becomes something to rally behind.

There are puzzle competitions out there and puzzle conventions but Chris would just be one of a dozen people in that world.

On the internet, he gets to be the puzzle king because he opens up and lets us into his world and even if you’ve never done a puzzle in your life, you’re drawn in.

And this doesn’t only work in his world.

It also ended up being particularly powerful for a guy named “Ninja” who plays a little game you MAY have heard of called Fortnite.

Again, Ninja’s audience watches him play the video game and on one particular night his following exploded thanks to the fact that he played Drake in the game.

Yes, that Drake.

So what happened?

Thousands of would-be gamers watched the Ninja and the pop star battle it out.

Now how does this tie to you and your own thought leadership?

Never underestimate people’s desire to watch you do something. 

I know it seems ridiculous, but I promise you that there are people out there who would want to watch you go through any type of process and if you have certain expertise, they’d love to watch you use it.

So if you’re a web designer what if you gave us a play by play of building a page?

If you’re a coach, what if we got to watch you map out one of your newest frameworks?

If you’re great with kids what if we got to watch you handle a tantrum in real-time? 

You don’t have to be a puzzle master, a Ninja, or a Pop Star to take advantage of this.

You just have to be willing to let people watch you in action.


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