To My Younger Self

Xin Song, Message from Nature

Be Unapologetically You.

Trust who you are, beyond what others have placed upon you. Know the person you have stared at your entire life is out of this world gorgeous inside and out! Those blemishes and imperfections are proof you exist in this world where we are asked to continuously find our core and trust that space beyond anything else.

You will have days when you lose your cool; moments you will break down without explanation, mornings you cannot seem to drag yourself out of bed to only do it all over again. In those moments be grateful for this human experience. Deeply connect with the human emotions and sensations allowing you to evolve beyond what you once knew, for this is the purpose, after all.

Every gray hair, freckle, sun spot, wrinkle, curve and bump you gain along the way tells a story. One with challenge, hardship, joys, and incredible triumph. Your purpose is to find the triumph within the moment of challenge or hardship, not live as if those moments define you, rather shape you. While it may be inviting to sit in a moment of despair, distress, overwhelm or exhaustion you are not meant to stay long, as you have many more miles to travel.

You currently building the internal muscles full of unconditional support and love. With each bump you advance, knowing the next opponent will always be yourself. Remember, believe in yourself, as you are not only your individual challenge, but also your strength, courage and empowerment! Embrace your journey unapologetically!

Smile at the world and it shall smile upon you.

Shine as if you were the sun and watch those around you glow in your light.

Know your strength goes far beyond what you could ever imagine; as this is where miracles are found.

The stars are our reminder of just how magical it is to be alive and in this reality, even if for only a moment.

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