My Top 5 Books of 2019

top 5 books

As we start to head into the last few months of the year (where did the time go?!) I decided to go back through the ol’ archives and see what I haven’t written about in a while and I realized it’s been a minute since I posted a book list.

I love sharing books that have been helpful to me, books that have made me think, and books that are simply fascinating, and since we’ll all be hopefully getting a little reading time in now that the holidays are upon us, I thought I’d share with you all some books that I’m excited about checking out.

Some of these are out already, some are coming out in the future and some are doing things like re-releases etc.

Let me know if you decide to read any (or all) of them and what you think!

The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur
I’ve already “started” reading this book, but here’s the interesting thing about that. It’s structured in such a way that you can literally read one page every day for the entire year and find a nugget of wisdom, literary genius, and an opportunity for reflection. Much more than a journal, Jantsch takes some of the most in-depth entrepreneurial quotes from literary titans and turns each day into an opportunity for you to look at your entrepreneurial journey through a completely new lens. If you’re currently on the entrepreneur’s path or thinking of starting on it, this is a great book to have in your travel pack.

I’ve known Brian Kurtz for a number of years and he’s been referred to as the “Stan Lee of marketing” and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone as kind and helpful. The book lives up to the title and then some breaking down everything from how to think about building and mailing a list, all the way to some of the best tips for hosting dinners and developing real relationships. If you’re a new or a seasoned marketer you’ll find some much that you can dig into in this book. And Brian, being Brian, he’s set up a whole bunch of bonuses for the book’s re-release which you can grab HERE. 

Think Like A Rocket Scientist
I’m always interested in books that focus on helping people think differently and who wouldn’t want to know how to think like some of the most innovative people in the world? Ozan also has a fantastic mailing list of his own as well as the opportunity to pre-order the book HERE and get a digital copy so you can read it immediately. Boom.

Story 10X
I’ve known Michael since back in my theatre days and have always been impressed with the way he thinks. This book will help you rethink the idea of storytelling at a time when everyone and their best friend is selling some kind of “storytelling” offer. This book is the real deal and provides you with concrete and useful frameworks so that you can look at your own story in a completely different way.

Why are We Yelling?: The Art of Productive Disagreement
I do not know Buster and have not read this one yet, but I added it to my reading list because I have always believed that communication is the very first thing we learn and the one thing we never truly master. As a result, I am always interested in books that tackle this topic and this one looks fascinating.

And there you have it.

With any luck, you now have at least a few new titles to add to your bookshelf. Let me know what you think!


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