Welcome to the Pregame.

create your own success

Success isn’t simple.

We have yet to discover one strategy that wins for everyone, every time.

Getting from where you are to want to be is rarely a straight sprint. Hell, just figuring out where you want to go is its own triumph.

We’re on your team.

It’s a new game and old rules don’t always apply. What takes their place? What do we do? How do we do it? What support do we need? When is it time to advance? Who is doing it, how are they doing it, and why?  What have they learned along the way?

We’re here to share our answers. We’re here to ask better questions.

Our goal is to challenge conventional definitions of success, to create a space for you to explore what success means to you, and to motivate you to move forward.

We will tell you what we have learned from actual, real-world experience. No formulas. Just best practices.

We will share our stories, not just our theories. We will tell you the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

We will provide a platform for a diverse range of voices.  Wisdom isn’t male or female, black or white, devout or agnostic, gay or straight, old or young, academic or street, country club or community center. Useful information can come from anywhere. It’s time to open up the field.

We want you to win the games you choose to play. We are here to give you our best strategy.

Welcome to the Pregame.

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