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Michelle Goldblum is the co-founder of Soul Camp Creative, a full-service brand strategy, design, and development agency working specifically and solely in the space of wellness, transformation, and personal development.

In the era of new coaches, gurus, and spiritual teachers, we asked Michelle how people can create an authentic presence and stand out from the crowd.

Who are your clients?
Our clients consists of authors, speakers, teachers, coaches, and conscious companies and brands looking to better the lives of their users.

What’s your approach?
We brand authentically, meaning, the words that you use, the way that you talk, the essence of you, is no different then what is represented in your website. If you are a NYC, sassy, no-bullshit coach, your website will reflect that. Your brand will be there. Branding authentically is important and imperative, as it will attract your people, the people who are looking for exactly your type of NYC sass, to you.

How much of “you” is okay to put into your brand as a thought leader?
One of my most favorite sayings is that you. are. your. brand.

The reason people are going to want to join your team… is because of you.

The reason people are going to want to hire you… is because of you.

The reason people are going to want to buy your books, read your blogs, listen to your radio shows, purchase your programs, coach with you, be mentored by you, follow you on social media… is because of you.

How do you put this into action as a marketer?
In working with our clients, the first step is always creating their platform. Your platform answers the questions: How are you unique? What sets you apart from the other coaches, teachers & authors speaking to your same demographic? What is the essence of your brand? What are the attributes, vocabulary & personality of your brand? What are you going to be seen for, known for, known as? What can I hire you for?

And, 8 out of 10 times, for personal brands, your story – what you’ve been through, what you’ve learned- creates your platform.

Asha Tyson  J.K. Rowling

Part of creating your platform is analyzing who your people are.

Question: Do I need a target demographic?
Answer: Yes, but that might not mean what you think it does.

How do you message to that target audience?
Remember, your people are looking for you. What do you want them to FEEL when they think about you? Hear about you? Read your blog or website? See your homepage? Take your business card?

Understand what they are going through and how you want them to feel, and you will be setting yourself up for success.

Next up, your tagline. Your tagline is basically your platform, in words.  Your tagline can be one of three things:

  1. Who you are: “The Wellness Consultant for Spiritual Babyboomers”
  2. How you work: “A Gentle Approach to Up-leveling your Health”
  3. What your people will leave with: “A Healthy and Joyful Beginning to the Best Years of Your Life” 

These are the first few steps of creating a really impactful brand. Like many entrepreneurs at the beginning of brand creation, you are feeling lost, or confused, or less then, or behind, it’s only so that you can be able to relate to your future employees or Clients when THEY feel this way. Feel it. Feel it to heal it! And feel it to be able to relate to others down the line!

Each Experience

Start with where you’re at.


And surround yourself with inspiring, encouraging, dreamers – just like yourself. Find your people!

And finally, remember:

Karen Salmansohn

Michelle Goldblum is the co-founder of Soul Camp Creative, a full-service brand strategy, design & development agency working specifically and solely in the space of wellness, transformation & personal development. They create authentic brand platforms, visual identities, custom websites & marketing materials for clients they adore.

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